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B  r  i  c  k  h  o  u  s  e 


Welcome to the house

About Us

At the House, our mission is to develop skills and confidence in cheer, gymnastics, and tumbling. We aim to create a welcoming space where athletes of all levels can thrive, enjoy the journey, and become better individuals. Through our programs, we focus on building character, fostering teamwork, and promoting personal growth alongside athletic achievement.



Brick House Cheer Gymnastics & Tumbling was established in June 2023 is Minority Women Owned business.

Mom and Daughter owned and operated have been inspired by the vision that Brittany has had with her over 10 + years of experience in the cheer and gymnastics world. We thrive on watching our athletes grow to become the best that they can be, 


The name Brick House came about when brainstorming for a unique name for our business, I looked at some awards that Brittany held over her years in Cheer  saw  the "Brick Base Award" in her 2nd year in competitive cheer and this is where the Brick started. ( a solid foundation).. " House is home", a place you should feel loved and feel safe. We wanted to establish a loving home for the athletes to come and a place they felt welcome and safe.  We became " Brick House" 


Together with Brittany running the programs and Tanya holding down the business, Brick House Cheer Gymnastic & Tumbling has grown into something we love and cherish. Working together as mom and daughter business has brought us closer than ever, having the trust in each other and seeing our hard work growing into something we both love.


Keeping God first, seeking his guidance daily and trusting in him has allowed us to grow in this business at speed that we never saw coming. We thank God every day for allowing us to build relationships not only with our amazing coaches, but the families and athletes that come in and out every week. 

C  L  A  S  S  E  S

We offer a wide variety of classes for all levels for all of your gymnastics, tumbling and cheer needs! For more information on each class, check out out classes page!

S U C C E S S    S T O R I E S

"Brickhouse Cheer and Tumbling is a wonderful tumbling and gymnastics location. The coaches are focused on the students and their success. They are so encouraging and invested in their students. We love brickhouse and the staff"

March 2024 

"The very best children’s birthday party!! The staff is SO friendly and kind, and very easy to work with! The easiest, no hassle birthday party ever!"

March 2024

"Excellent gymnastics and tumbling place. Finally found a great one in Spartanburg!"


March 2024

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B r i t t a n y    D u r r a h


219 Northeast Dr, Spartanburg, SC 29303

Office: 864-216-8121

Cell: 864-909-5724

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